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Your position:Home > News > Company News > Weekend's reflectional games

Weekend's reflectional games

  • Author:Kate
  • Source:Sunnyglassware
  • Release on:2016-11-21
Last week, we played some games . These games were operated by our lady boss,Alice.

Firstlt, we together around, divided the groups into 4 teams, then each two bodies of the
teams sat on the floor, and turned their back to each other.

Then, the games begun,the  two bodies need to stand up quickly.   At first, we all thought
 it's piece of cake,but we failed and failed again. Because this is not a game, it shows
how to communicate with people, how to help with team power.  

It's true, we couldn't do things on our own, we need team and mutual communication.
Just like in the real career life,we need to help the new colleagues to learn quickly with
our experiences,for we are a team.  

In short,one for all, and all for one.   So there's lot to learn during daily life, thanks for  our
lady boss,Alice, good to know more about our life.