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We need positive energy

  • Author:Lydia Lee
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-03-26
Today, the sales director of the Globlal sources Halley come to our Sunny Glassware office and share some experience of his work in the past years, it's fullfill positive and confident.

For a sales, we need to have a positive attitude to our work, to our life, and keeping breakthrough ourselves, as saying goes: the biggest enemy is ourselves. If we can make ourselves become stronger, we won't be afraid of any things.

Then we need patience, for thing, even a little things, we need pay more attention to it, deal with it, try our best to make it beomes perfect.

Don't scare of the refusing, for the sales start of the refusing. We need a powerful heart to bear the burden.

One more important thing is that we should honest, all of the people have emotion, for long term contact, we'll believe each other and the customers will rely on you.

We need positive energy