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Tumbler Buying Guide

  • Author:Serena
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-01-30
Whether for a family of two or for a whole restaurant, tumblers are essential for any kitchen. Each kind of glass can add a bit of style and character to the drink being served. With the right set of glasses for each occasion, drinks can become more fun. From drinking juice or water to drinking cocktails and liquor, there is a tumbler for every beverage.

For hosts to make their glasses stand out, they must know how to buy a glass for the image they are trying to portray. This guide will help buyers when choosing tumblers by providing information about them such as why they are called tumblers, how to choose a tumbler, the different types of tumblers, and where to buy a tumbler glass. By using this guide, buyers will be able to find and buy just the right tumblers for their beverage needs.

Why Are They Called Tumblers?

There are many different sources that give different records of the origin of the word tumbler. The most common study of the word tumbler holds that the original tumbler glasses had rounded out bases or bases that came to a point which made them impossible to set down on a table as they would "tumble" over. This inability to put the glass down has been explained as serving two practical explanations; either it was due to the glass-making practices of the day, or it was an intentional flaw forcing customers to consume more alcohol as they had to drink their entire beverage before setting the glass down.

In the 17th century, an alternate etymology of the word tumbler was the phrase Venice glass tumbler which described glass makers who made these types of glasses.

The earliest of the tumbler glasses were made during the pre-Christian era in Rome. These glasses were blown instead of pressed, which made them have a rounded appearance much like a ball. The glasses were flat on the bottom so they would not "tumble" over.

How to Choose Tumblers

Whether serving family and friends or setting a table at a restaurant, hosts will want their table to be stylish with durable drinking glasses.. No matter what kind of tumblers a buyer is looking for, they are sure to find them by following a few suggestions for how to choose tumbler glasses

Choosing Tumblers for Everyday Use

While buyers may be tempted to buy etched glass or crystal tumblers,, they are not the most practical if they are intended for everyday use. Tumblers that are being bought for everyday use should be simple glasses that are not too formal. Buyers should look for clear, tall drink glasses that have a classic look which can go with various styles of dishes.

Choosing Tumblers That Go with the Other Dishes

Before heading out and buying tumblers, it is important that buyers take a look at the dishes they own as well as the design of their kitchen. Colored tumblers will complement a vintage looking kitchen which has vivacious patterned plates and vibrant colored walls. Simple, clear water glasses work best with white plates or elegant dishes. For those with a contemporary kitchen, simple tumblers with clean straight lines will work best.

Buy Different Size Tumblers for Different Occasions

Buying different tumblers for different occasions can really spice up the occasion. For simple drinks such as water or soda, buying simple tumblers that are clear or subtly colored are best. However, serving beer, wine, or cocktails calls for a fancier tumbler such as stemmed goblets for white and red wines, sculpted tumblers for drinking beer, and dizzy cocktail glasses for a cocktail party.

Buy Glasses That Are Just for Special Occasions

There are many times throughout the year that require special glasses. Whether it’s a birthday party, an anniversary, or a job promotion, these occasions deserve the best tumbler glass. Crystal tumblers with sugar rims give a beautiful, elegant while goblets can be etched with monograms to give a personalized party and a great impression.

Whether for a small family setting, a large Thanksgiving dinner, or a whole restaurant, tumblers make for a great way to decorate or style a drink and even a meal. Each glass can add its own character to the drink being served, and with the right glass, drinks can become all that much more fun and interesting. Whether drinking juice, water, cocktails, or liquor, each tumbler has a distinct purpose. Buying everyday glasses, glasses for special occasions, and different sized tumblers for different drinks will spark up any simple drink. By using this guide, buyers have learned a little of the history of tumblers and what a tumbler glass is and is used for, how to choose a tumbler glass, and the various types of tumbler glasses there are to choose from.