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Topic about the speed of eating dumplings

  • Author:lydia
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2017-05-09
Eating, is a most enjoyable things, especially during the eating time.

As the going says: 'Food is the paramount necessity of the people', no one can't eat food, it's the origional of energy, then the classical words come out: 'Speed of appetite'.

Today, our Sunny Logistic department colleague Rebecca bring some dumplings to office, it's her families pure handmade, she was very kindness to bring the sauce for us, different filling in the dumplings bring us different test. It's really very delicious.
From one thing, you can imagine the how delicious the dumplings are, when we know there ware dumplings, we come to have a look, I found there no chopsticks, so I come back to get the chopsticks, when I arrived the table where the dumplings are, there are so many colleagus stood around and eating the dumplings very fast, two minutes later, we only saw the empty bowls on the table.

One of my colleagues said: 'why you won't take some for me?' I only want to say: this is the world only focus on the speed.

Topic about the speed of eating dumplings