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Top quality is the key to win business

  • Author:Jolee
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2020-11-21

Top quality is the key to win business

China is a "world factory", and it keeps churning out thousands of new products every day. They are lots of suppliers export products to the whole world. You can hardly live without “MADE IN CHINA” nowadays.

No matter if you are an individual or a purchasing agent, you have many chances to buy products from China. Regardless of what industry you’re involved in, you may not going to choose a product solely based on price, we believe that is not the only factor to decide if customer will have a joyful purchasing experience.

Here I would like to share a story with you. We are Sunny Glassware located in Shenzhen, with more than 25 years experience in glassware industry, and candle holder is our leading product. We believe quality is critical to satisfied customers and win business. In May this year, I received inquiry from buyer in Europe who looked for glass candle jars. The decorations of the finished jar include color spraying, electroplating and silk-screen printing. Doing kinds of decoration is Sunny’s strength, we have rich experience on this, so I had a detailed discussion with the customer telling we have no problem to make samples for checking.

Samples were finished as planed, and I sent them to the customers, everything went smoothly. And then I sent my quotation to the customer, but it took some time to get a feedback. So I followed up to see how is it going, I was told that the price I quoted was high and the customer also waited for samples from another supplier. I really understand this, just in front of said China is "world factory", you can find so many supplier who make the same or similar products. It’s not the first time I got a feedback like this. I told that customer that we pay more attention to quality than others, with a strict QC team we ensure every order is inspected carefully before shipping. What's more, we have been cooperating with many brand companies in US and Europe for years. We are quite clear with the quality that brand companies require.

A few days later, the customer told me that they had received samples from the other supplier, and the price they offered was much lower than mine. However, that customer chose to work with us finally, because the samples we sent were in top quality, but the samples from another supplier have defects like scratch, black dots, irregular painting and lines on the glass. The higher the price , the better the quality. Sunny Glassware do not win customers by price, but mainly quality and service.

With rich experience in candle holder industry and strict quality control, Sunny Glassware can be your reliable candle holder supplier in China. Any inquiries and demands please do not hesitate to let us know, we trust that we could help both of us to earn the utmost benefits in near future.