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To do something for mother during the Mother Day

  • Author:Lydia Lee
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-05-09
Yesterday, our circle of our friends fullfilled with congratulations and thanks word to their mothers.

Actually, it's really a unique way to congratulations the Mother Day.

However, I don't like this way. For the age of our parents, they didn't even play the Wechat or QQ, so, how moved the words you sent to the circle of friends, they can't see it, no more than to felt it.

As children, we need thank our parents bring us come to the word, especially our mother, it's very hard for a family to fed a baby until they grown up. If we want to express our thanks to our mother, we could give them a call when we at outside for work. Or sent a gift to our mother during the day. All they want just we're healthy and happy, and company with them one day if possible.

For me, I like the things more to be realistic.

As our Ms. Yuang, her daughter give the flowers to her by handmade. It's a sincere ways to express the love and thank to mother. Ms Yuang must be very happy when she saw this.

So, just do something for parents.