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The way to support the growth of customers Independent New Brand

  • Author:Cindy
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-07-26
The first time I met with Liely (who focus on whisky glass, he was introduced by Nike), which has been around for several years. We have been working together for more than 5 years and ready to reach the 6th year since 2013. The products are also shipped to Liely for 15 times. From the parameter error and quality are constantly running in all aspects to the customer does not inspect the goods now, we ship directly to the third-party warehouse. We are striving to be the best in this way. The happiest result is very satisfied and recognized by consumers. For the customers themselves, the main focus is to develope the market and exploit new products to make the brand stronger and stronger.I still remember that on April 26, 2014, Liely sent an email for the first time, and wanted to exploit a whisky glass of her own design. The initial number was only 1,000pcs. Seeing Liely's design is very new and unique, it is really difficult for us to produce only 1000pcs. In order to support our customers, we decided that no matter how difficult it was, we must help our customers launch new products and develop their own brands.
whisky glass suppliers,the way to support the growth of customers Independent New Brand
After starting the big cargo, there are indeed difficulties we have expected. We just started to go online to make the goods and get off the assembly line for short time. On the one hand, the quality of the newly produced products is difficult to meet the standard, and on the other hand, the output amount is too low. However, in order to make this first order, we continued to select the cups that meet the customer's quality requirements after the stably subsequent quality. However, the 1000 clear glasses were that we produced about 2,000pcs clear glasses to select 1,000pcs clear glasses that meet the customer's quality requirements. After arrival, the guests checked products themselves again, while the quality requirements were higher; there were 48 unqualified products, and in the second order, we all replenished the goods free of charge. Liely is a very rigorous client. In this way, we had made 4 clear glass orders with quantity 1000pcs . Fortunately, the workers are more and more skilled, and the quality requirements of the customers are becoming more and more clear. Finally, our customer is very satisfied with our quality. Afterwards, we started full set of products and added logistics services. Customers could receive goods at home. We started with the 5th order, the order quantity increased to 3,000pcs, and customer began to let us provide a full set of products to them, including laser logo and packaging. In addition, our logistics colleagues not only began to ship products to Australia, but also began to offer the dropship services.
whisky glass suppliers,the way to support the growth of customers Independent New Brand
For the first time to start such cooperation, Liely also attached great importance to it. When the laser cup was added to the clear glasses, he flew to Shenzhen to inspect the goods for one day. Our QC Leo and I accompanied Liely in factory. When the workers carved a logo, we inspected one, and then wiped the cup into the package. Liely's inspection was naturally more strict than the quality required before. The logo can't be a bit dirty, there can't be a little break, it should be very clear, and our QC is also strictly in accordance with Liely's requirements. In this way, the pass rate of our fifth order is only 72.5%. Despite this, we decided not to tolerate blemished products, and insisted that every cup in the hands of the customer is satisfactory. After the production experience of the first laser logo, we improved the method and carved the logo into the glass at the bottom of the cup. It was greatly improved our qualification rate. After the customer confirmed the agreement, we adopted this method. It not only solves the problem of dirty logo, but also keep better quality.
In order to make client more satisfied, after the completion of the production, we clean the cup , and the workers pack the glass wearing white gloves. Although we have more cost, everything is worthwhile. As always, the strict quality have made the client's brand and glass get good feedback from the market. Even other clients have told me that they are very famous. The sales increase from 3,000 to 5,000 as well for 1 order. It convince client to launch a new ginglass in June 2016.
In 2019, client is exploiting 2 new products and developing the US market now as well. I am very proud and happy for them; they begin to open more and more markets for their brand; all of our effort and support are deserved. At present, everything is moving in the direction we want. No paints,no gains. 2019 is a year with full of hope. Keep moving, on the way! Fighting! !