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The thoughts from morning reading

  • Author:Lora Liu
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-01-05
Every Tuesday and Wednesday ,Sunny glassware will read 《The greatest salesman in the world 》 all together .
We know that those good books to give us something, not only knowledge, is not fleeting passion, necessary for survival, but confidence and human talent and courage, and wake up our hearts, so that people set up the firm belief of success. The book is not handed over external things to us, but we urge the internal spewing out. This "life scroll" will undoubtedly bring you everything you want to get.
Open the scroll of life, and you may also want to make great achievements like the books in the book. Nietzsche said: "so-called great, is to guide him in the right direction, large rivers is not supposed to be so great, but brings together the most of rivers. So, the greater the amount of water, the spirit of the great and similar. The most important thing is to let those branches have to return to your own centripetal force. But let them not gifted Cong Yu, can convince myself."
Please believe, changes are from you have this book began, from your reading this book began, from you truly understand the tips start...

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