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The story of wax oil ratio issue when puring in candle holders

  • Author:Joanna
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-08-30
When it comes to foreign trade, we all have a very empathy, that is, what kind of service is the most customers want?Why do customers need this service?How do we serve our candle holders customers?
As a six-year veteran of foreign trade, I would like to share with you some of my experience.Here we take the candle holders quality as an example.
Firstly, we should understand clearly what kind of service the customer wants and understand the needs of the customer, in order to do a better match the remedy, so as to achieve effective treatment.For quality, prevention is more important than the aftermath, of course, this requires that we from raw materials to production, shipment, every step should be strict control, Sunny Glassware established a QC team with a decade skilled members. Every time we receive a customer's order, we will have a professional QC team to check the pre-production materials such as packing materials, raw materials, accessories, etc. to make sure no problem after production will be scheduled launch, as there are QC check the production process, once found problems in a timely manner to adjust, the problem cannot be solved on the spot, to will halt production process until the product standards, product production, also can have special after the QC team to check the packaging again.After the completion of packaging, the candle holders will be inspected again before shipment to ensure that the goods can be released. When loading the container, a professional loading team will take photos, give feedback and give guidance until the goods are loaded safely and smoothly.This is the service that the customer needs, to put it bluntly, what the customer spends money to buy is a peace of mind. If an enterprise can make the whole process data, picture and table, and report to the customer in time, I think the customer's trust in us is also self-evident.
Sunny Glassware Customer Service
Second, why do customers need such service?Here we take a customer complaint as an example.Last year customer purchased a mass candle holders from Sunny Glassware, due to the some products could not be sold because of the chemical reaction between the spray paint and the customer's essential oil, after we received the feedback, immediately promised the customer to do some new goods shipped to the customer quickly, so as not to affect the customer's sales plan, the customer was delighted, because as a customer, his ultimate purpose is to put the candle holders sales to customers. During the replenishment, we let customer sent some defective candle holders, then we got the spray color processing plants, factory paint principle, study after some discussion, the conclusion is the customer's pouring wax oil ratio is higher than the international standard for nearly 6-8 points, but the customer didn't inform in advance, so we sprayed in accordance with international standards to do, to many to testify the conclusion, we have arranged a few batches of the same product shall be carried out in accordance with the proportion and composition of different essential oils irrigation wax, found under the international general standard of product is no problem, then we record the test video and text to inform the customer, customer also feedback said their rate is high, but they didn't want to change this ratio, in view of the needs of customers, we provided the solution in time, from the adjustment of the paint recipe, to send the samples to the third party testing company, have to help customers improve essential oil formula, etc., finally the two sides reached an agreement, also did not affect the customer's sales plan.
Finally, how can we serve our customers? First of all, want to think of the customers, anxious customers.For example, in the above case, after receiving the customer's feedback, we did not first worry about whose responsibility, but first replenished the goods to ensure the smooth progress of the sales plan to the customer. We also did a lot of homework and tests to find out the key points of the breakfast problem, so that both parties can make improvements together, and finally achieve the goal of mutual benefit.

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