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The story of the Finland folk tales of glass art

  • Author:kate
  • Source:sunnyglassware
  • Release on:2016-09-20
I'm Kate from Sunnyglassware.  Our company,Shenzhen Sunny Glassware Co.,Ltd. is one of the China candle holders suppliers. Providing: candle holder, ceramic candle holder, tealight votive candle holder, decorative candle holder.  

Every glass which has been processed, they're always have a story, today I'd like to share the story of the Finland folk tales  of glass art, and will gladly share some amazing products to you, hope you'll like them, thank you!

"Comic art glass" traditional glass and classic folk legends together, this series of works by artists from Helsinki group of two Sini majuri and Ella varvio (tulintu) completed.

It is a combination of glass art and culture. Currently the work has participated in a number of exhibitions,and won international acclaim, and now tulintu brought it back to Finland, Finland               Glass Museum for people to visit.

Each of the exhibits are described a scene of fairy tale "Firebird", let the reader experience a forbidden love journey.  The shapes of all the glass products are the same, some are red, others are white.     Majuri Ella and varvio Sini have been working   together since 2013, and all the exhibits  are handmade  in their studio in Helsinki. (See pictures below)

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