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The spraying technology of glass bottle

  • Author:Fanny Wang
  • Source:Website
  • Release on:2014-12-15

Glass bottle coating production line generally have spray room, suspension of chain and oven. Glass bottle water pretreatment which need special attention is the problem of sewage discharge. As for the glass coating quality, is related to water treatment, clear the surface of the workpiece, the conductivity of peg, the size of the volume, the amount of powder, the level of the operator, etc.

Suggest the following method to test: pretreatment section

Glass coating pretreatment section such as preliminary, primary, watch,etc, if it is in the north, the temperature of the Lord to take off the part is not too low, need to heat preservation. Otherwise the treatment effect is not ideal.

Preheating section

After pretreatment will enter the preheating section, general need 8 to 10 minutes, glass bottles in arrived in powder spraying room to make the best with spray artifacts have a certain amount of waste heat, to increase the adhesion of powder.

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