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The small and convenient skills of cleaning the glassware

  • Author:Lydia Lee
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-04-03
Glass products because of their bright fashion and become one of the current common household items, many of the modern family dining table, coffee table is glass, there are a lot of glass ornaments, crystal clear glass is indeed a very good decorative effect. Here some small and convenient ways of cleaning the glassware.

1, sand sub: paint the walls when the windows get dirty with some of the lime to remove these tumors traces of lime, if scrubbed with water in general is difficult. Therefore, use a damp cloth dipped in sand scrub child windows, the glass can be easily cleaned up.     
2, kerosene + chalk: Drop point kerosene on glass, chalk or gypsum powder and dip coated on a glass dry, wipe with a clean cloth or cotton, glass clean and bright.     
3, toothpaste: glass furniture too long will be black, can be used to clean muslin painted toothpaste, can restore the glass clean.     
4, protein water: fresh eggshell after washing with water, a protein can be obtained with a mixed solution of water, use it for cleaning glass, will increase the gloss.     
5, kerosene or white wine: the glass windows have stained smears or traces when, a few drops of wet cloth or white kerosene, gently wipe the glass clean and bright soon.     
6, vinegar: If there is paint or dirt on the glass, you can apply some vinegar on top, to be macerated and then wipe off with a clean cloth.     
7, old newspapers: wipe with a slightly damp old newspapers. Rub rub up and down the vertical side is best, around the other side of the level rub, rub the drain so easy to find the place.     
8, alcohol: rinse again with warm water, then wipe with a damp cloth dipped in a little alcohol, glass will be particularly bright.

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