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The leader of China glass reed diffuser bottle supplier

  • Author:Gary
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-06-15
My friend Dam bought a new apartment two years ago, and complete the decoration a few month ago. We haven’t seem each other quite a long time, so we made an appointment someday. It was a good chance to take a review of his new home. But I did not know I would found Sunny quality production, a glass reed diffuser bottle there.

I bought a new pachira macrocarpa as a gift for him, also as a little decoration for his new home. It means lucky and wealth in China. When I got into his home I was shocked. It is very big and luxury, especially for the decoration. All the decoration material used quality material and looks very beautiful.

Dam's home has five room, not only the bed room very big but also the wash room inside the bedroom. When I get into the wash room I was shocked, it is not because of the high quality decoration and bath-ware. It is because I found a reed diffuser bottle on the wash basin. I took it in the hand and found it is one of Sunny customers product. I was very surprise even the glass bottle was not produced by us. I asked him why do you need a reed diffuser bottle in the wash room and how did you get that. He told me he saw this kind of smelling in a decoration magazine, and bought some when shopping the furniture in the mall. I told him this is one of our important product, we produce many pcs each year for foreign market. What a coincidence.
glass reed diffuser bottle

Dam felt that the most people are still not get use to this, some may not like the smell. Just some people chasing lifestyle may like it. I told him people use the diffuser and candles every day in the America and Europe. That's why we produce such product in the past 8 years, do the research and invest many funds. Sunny Glassware had won great praise in the America and Europe market. May fashion and high end brand customer like us and would cooperate with us as long term valuable supplier.

Chinese people are getting rich now, and start chasing the qualify life too. So China is the biggest market for us, although it may still need some time. But we should start to build the brand now. Imagine how exciting it will be if you find your own product(reed diffuser with glass bottle) in your friends home.

  Gary Tang
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