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The function of wine glass decanters

  • Author:Yvonne
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-05-27
In addition to wine, filtering, and one of the largest decanters hangover function. Pour the wine, wine juice in the process flow of decanters, wine liquid and air is full contact, coupled with the wake wine bottle belly volume than the bottleneck much larger, can promote sober for air circulation. The micro oxidation process, we call for "breathe"."Breath" will make the wine become more pure alcohol, but also will emit a more charming fragrance.

So what type of wine need to sober up? How long is the best time to sober up? This solution can be said is that opinions vary, no conclusive academic this, for wine enthusiasts provides more fun to experiment. Usually in aged red wine because anthocyanin after polymerization will produce lees, based on the purpose of filtering lees, use decanter is necessary, but sober time length is not conclusive. Young wine is the most need to sober up. 

After the micro oxidation sobering action, will enable young red wine more supple tannins. At the same time, the young red wine cellar is not a long time in bottle hydrogenation time less, after proper sober, let the new wine is wine wind Mei.Meet young wine, even can do "two bottle" (double decant), such as in the afternoon, finish first decanter action, standing for a period of time, then the Wine Decanters by into the original bottle; until the dinner, the wine by the bottle inverted decanters, this is two bottle.In addition to the red Wine, high alcohol white Wine can sober up. 

Because the white wine is served when slants cold, through the hangover can make the heating, and also send refreshing fragrance.

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