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The difference of lead glass and lead free glass

  • Author:Yvonne
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-06-12
Classification of glassware The flow of glass containers in the market in accordance with the classification of materials, can be divided into ordinary glass containers and crystal glass containers. 

Crystal glass container is divided into two kinds: lead-free crystal glass and lead crystal glass. We often see that the lead-free glass is a lead-free crystal glass. 

Features of crystal glass Crystal glass is relatively common glass products bright color, refractive index, exquisite workmanship, feel is good, looks like made of crystal, gently tapping clear metallic sound, it is by the addition of lead the ingredients, so it is also called leaded glass. Widely used in glass arts and crafts, decorations. 

Lead-free glass crystal glass products relative lead crystal glass products compared to slightly is thin and its characteristics are inherited the lead crystal glass appearance quality, ingredients and do not contain lead, so it is also called glass, non-toxic. Widely used in high-end porcelain, tableware, wine. 

Features of ordinary glass Ordinary glass color bleak, refraction rate is poor, rough workmanship, feel bad, even in some places there are bubbles, gently tapping sounds boring, the utility model has the advantages of is non-toxic lead-free. Widely used in food glass containers, medical devices.

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