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The difference between moulded glass and blown glass

  • Author:Fanny Wang
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-10-27
Sunny Glassware has been in the glassware industry for more than 20 years. We try to differentiate ourself from our competitors by providing a higher quality and suitable product. We have both 'blown' glassware and 'moulded' glassware, so we can provide our customer most suitable product. There are Advantages and Disadvantages between them:


Advantages:Cheaper,unseamed,thinner wall

Disadvantages:Blown glass can restrict the crystallisation of some Palm waxes as the slow cooling process needed for the crystal reaction to occur is countered and accelerated because of the thin wall of the glass;As the glass is thinner it is more prone to breaking or shattering. Both, while pouring and during transit;Inconsistencies in the glassware; glasses are never identical;Glasses are more prone to defects.

blown glass

Moulded GLASS:

Advantages:Safer and stronger;Higher resistance to shattering;The thicker wall causes more heat to be retained by the jar after wax has been poured into the container, this causes the wax to cool at a slower rate, creating a stronger bond when initially forming and adhering to the glass.

Disadvantages:Wet spots are more distinct if wax adhesion is weak;In colder climates pre heating is required before pouring to achieve strong adhesion;A subtle seam line runs down either side of the jar symbolising where each half of the mould met when the jar was created.

moulded glass