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The difference between ion plating and hologram finish

  • Author:Serena
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-08-08
Sunny Glassware mainly offer glass/ceramic/cement/metal candle holders, perfume diffuser bottles in our own factory and have long term supplier to offer accessories such as wood/metal/plastic lid, white/brown/color/gift box, label, wick trimmer, candle.

Many clients love the shining decoration, such as electroplaed with different colors, translucent electroplating, ion plating, and hologram. Today I would like to show you the difference of the later two finishes. 

This is ion plating, you may find it is a little shining. It is actually mixed with 5 colors. So you may find it with different colors by different angels too.

ion plating glass candle holders

And this is hologram, or call it holographic. It is mixed with 7 colors. So it would look more shining and colorful than ion plating. But it is also not so stable as the ion plating one.

hologram candle jars

Of course, for both of them, we could make it glossy or matte finish, also we could make different colors sprayed interior of the glass.

For more information or free samples, please freely contact me.

Serena, Email sales36@sunnyglassware.com

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