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The classical straight candle containers

  • Author:Maggie
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on :2019-04-19
Straight candle containers is the normal candle jars in the candle industry. Why people like to use straight candle containers as candle holders. Here I would like to share some points that maybe can help you to have some imagine and ideas for this kind of candle containers.
Straight candle containers is the simple design jars, but we know that sometimes simple is true. Some of my friends always pursue styles fashion stunning things, and they are the fans for kinds of new design thing. And if you ask them to show you five their favorite small stuffing, I believe that all they have a common stuffing--very simple plain design thing, maybe just white or one color style. Now you know that why people like to use straight candle containers.
straight candle containers
The second reason for people like to use straight candle containers is that this kind of candle container are very easy to pouring the wax, we know that during pouring wax into the container, it need to adjust several time since the liquid wax is hard to control, and when we pouring wax into straight candle containers, the shape are more stable. If pouring unique shape candles, maybe just 500 pcs per day, and if choose the straight candle containers, maybe one day can pour 1000-1500 pcs.
You can save more space room when you packing the straight candle containers than other shape candle jars. This is another reason why people like to use the straight candle containers. Actually, we can make different decorations like spraying different colors or printing your logo on the straight candle containers, than you know have different straight candle containers as your decorations.
That is all I know why people like to use straight candle containers as candle holders.

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