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The advantage of travel

  • Author:Yvonne
  • Source:Sunny glassware
  • Release on:2016-03-16
A different world, bring you joy and happiness. If you do not go out, do you think the world is so big; if you do not enter any field, you think people all over the world and live your life. Going out, a different kind of scenery, a different kind of world, for you has been closed for a long time the heart opens a window, let your world suddenly see the light, you will experience in daily life experience the joy of in various processes in to look at the scenery, delicious food, live Hotel Tours, folk custom, listen to the story. 

Two, broaden their horizons, increase knowledge and knowledge. The ancients cloud, hangwanlilu, read books, advocate "the day". The process of tourism, is a day. When you in Xinjiang met Populus euphratica or in Hainan met coconut trees, you will naturally and its surrounding climate and soil contact up causality, which and past the geography book long sermon than easier acceptance, understanding and memory. Wherever he went, in different parts of the terrain profile, architectural style, plants and animals, dress features, folk customs, eating habits, religious beliefs and so on, in your experience and a variety of different legends and stories and anecdotes, heard glance in the heart, unlike in the books on learning by rote, lack of perceptual knowledge. 

Three, to ease the pressure, so that the spirit of relaxation. Life of the day, in a year of 365 days, no comma life our hearts always tired, the road is to the life the marathon painting a comma -- let tired heart take a breather. Put aside all the complex, empty mind trivial, to a strange place, who do not know you, you do not know who. Not responsible for any person, also do not need anyone to tie him down, relax, enjoy the unique comfortable. (sometimes privately ask yourself, this kind of psychological is not an escape? Escape from the existing work environment, existing living environment even escape from their heart, but, in turn, think, even escape, and a short rest, recharge your batteries, to face everything).

Four, in the face of novelty, inspiration. The photography of creation, even towards work, external stimuli can really find everything fresh and new, to stimulate people's creative inspiration. In the face of the natural landscape, all kinds of plants, a variety of different buildings, Ling Lang everywhere urban scenery, inner potential vitality will be was inspired by, issued by the health and wonderful ideas, to complete some surprisingly common creation. 

Five, be aware of their own, listen to the voice of your heart. During the trip, we left the original living environment, a new starting point, and set the end is not reached, we almost do not need to do what can do what. The modern people, the rhythm of life is quick thinking, listen to your inner voice, it is a great opportunity. Only in the quiet, can hear their own inner voice, self-awareness, be aware of their own needs, motivation, attitude, emotion and so psychological state and personality characteristics, behavior modification, adjust the direction, only in this way don't as life carrying wrapped with downstream forward and lost self. 

Six, make new friends and memories. The trip, we put aside the past life, peer with beautiful scenery, easy friendship. Usually unfamiliar people, a travel down there is a special feeling, these friends to participate in a lot of memories, think of unusual nature. , of course, those beautiful pictures, is also not a small harvest oh, later turned up, then happy vivid, do not know how long can delight. Seven, in the face of danger, challenge. When I climbed the mountain, Wudang, Zhangjiajie the mountains, when I in the journey again insist on the end of the dozens of miles, I obviously feel the achievements of their inner sense and feel difficulty is to step on the foot comfort.

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The advantage of travel
The advantage of travel