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The Chinese Valentine's Day

  • Author:Lydia
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-08-09
In China, the seventh lunar month of the night, the weather warm, vegetation fragrance, this is what people commonly known as the Tanabata festival, was also known as "Qi Qiao Festival" or "Doll Festival", which is a traditional Chinese festival of the most romantic a festival, also in the past the girls the most important day. 

It was said that the Vega come to humen with her sisters one day, and she was in loved with a cowboy, she was too love the cowboy, and she stayed with him and marriged. The Vega had born the chidren, they have a sweet and happy live....

However, the heavenly Queen know the thing, she think the god can't marrige with human, so she force to bring her daughter Vega come back to heaven, as the Vega and the cowboy are much loved each others, they don't want to be seperated, the heavenly queen use the hairpin to draw a distinction betweent the Vega and the Cowboy, the distinction become the Milky Way. The'r storys moved thousands of magpie, and they consisted a bridge for the Vega and the cowboy to meet each others....

So every year of the lunar 7th July is the Chinese Valentine's day. Have you moved by the story? Nowadays, people adapt the rose or other flowers to congratulations the festival, are you ready for a beautiful vase for the flowers?

Chinese Valentine's Day