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Sunny Matt glass candle light up your life

  • Author:Angel
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-04-11
Sunny Matt glass candle,light up your life !
Whatever you notice or not,Matt finish become more and more popular & attractive in recent years,no matter clothes,bag,shoes or something around us,it seems look luxury & dignity from surface,feeling.
Sunny Glassware just launch 10 different models glass candle holder,basically it is matte coating,looks soft,smooth and high-end.Certainly Matt glass candle is our best selling kinds of goods.Matte black looks mysterious,and matte white looks warmer. According to current sale figures,the matt glass candle list number one,comparing gloss finish,electroplate,matt glass candle seems occupy 60.5% in all orders,amazingly most of them are customized matte color,such as matte black,matte white,matte amber,matte green,matte red.
matt candle glass
I still do remembered,one of my US client named Ms Lisa wanted to customize one kind of candle holder for the Valentines’ day project at the end of last year,after trying many samples & finish,she occasionally found matte purple will be best choice,after that,we rush everything for him,glass candle holder, customized matte purple gift box..and all accessories,we even have no time to appreciate what a high-end set of products it is.
When I see it again,it show on customer’s website,which really looks very unique & exciting,I am pleasantly surprised it looks so perfect, filled wax,and gift box package. On the second day,I found all goods are sold out. believe it will be very successful project for lisa,She wrote an email and appreciated too much for everything I did for her.meanwhile promised she will use our glass candle holder especially matt glass candle for coming holiday project,Christmas projects and everyday projects.
This is just one case.But I believe,If you could,pls try matte decoration,Welcome to cusomized any color,any style glass candle holders,Sunny Glassware will create more and more unexpected values and surprised.

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