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Sunny Group spring trip for 3 days at FuJian

  • Author:lydia
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2017-03-28
Travelling, is a much enjoy thing for me, and travelling with many familiar people is more enjoy for me.

Last weekend, our Sunny Group come to the ceramic capital of the Dehua, Fujian Province, we've visited the ceramic life hall, saw many different items, we were suprized by the exquisite hand craft.

We enjoyed the natural beauty of the moutain and waterfall. We climbed the JiuXian Moutain, the second highest moutain of Fujian, the name come from ancient "The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea" and one more founder of the moutain, so we call it Jiuxian Moutain.
And feeling the magic waterfall, it was said that the whole height is around 180m, when you standing aside the waterfall, you'll feel the sublime and the big power of it. They call the waterfall as Daixian Waterfall. This also come from a myth, there was a young farmer, he was cutting firewood, then unguarded to fallen cliff, there was a fairy saved him and fly away, the farmer much gratuated her and fell in love with her, so he waited at the moutain year by year, still hadn't seen the fairy come again, then his tear become the fall, so the waterfall become the Daixian( wait fairy) Waterfall.

It much more seems like a tragedy, but the beauty of the fairy's kindness and the farmer's infatuation become a deed praised far and wide.