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Sunny Glassware help customers becoming creative perfume bottles and sell them very well

  • Author:Chally
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-06-21
Sunny Glassware gets your ideas becoming creative fragrance products and sell them very well in the local market.

The perfume bottles from Sunny Glassware are sold well in the Americas, Australia and Europe, one of my customer gave our perfume bottles a very high praise. He was very satisfied with the quality of our perfume bottles, other suppliers are unmatched in China.
Sunny Glassware help customers becoming creative perfume bottles and sell them very well
Looking back at the process of communicating with this customer, I think our success factors mainly include the following aspects:

1. We have more than 5,000 molds that can meet the different capacity, shape, measurement requirements of almost customers
2. If the customer does not find what they like, it doesn't matter, we can also open the new mold, and provide customized designs.
3. Because my customer’s company is still small the that time, he can not buy so many products (not up to our MOQ) at once, the project was once stalled. Finally, after negotiations, we decided to help customers do inventory, customers only need to pay a little deposit, then they can enjoy our excellent policy of non-warehousing and batch shipment service, which greatly reduce the customer's capital pressure and inventory pressure.
4. My customer has always wanted a plenty of samples for testing, show samples. Let the customer have no worries, we guarantee the samples were sufficient.
5. We also help customers to do logo, in addition to this thought, we can also do laser engraving, spray color, laser, decal paper, pickling and other processing, so that customers put the orders to our factory, but enjoy the services of 10 factories, save time and energy.
6. After the goods are finished, with our own Sunny Worldwide logistics team to take charge of the shipments, so that customers can enjoy the one-stop service, they just keep waiting at home to receive goods.

It is the above points that let the customers trust us, then our perume bottles being put into the market, soon has achieved the very good results, now the customer's company is getting bigger, some days ago they said they prepare to develop more perfume bottles with us, this is really a win-win situation. Growing with customers, focus on quality,focus on design, we are always on the way.

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