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Sunny Glassware get your ideas becoming creative fragrance products

Maggie Sunny Glassware 2020-07-10 14:33:11
We have a customer name Sally, she is working for her own fragrance candle brands for several years. And she use the normal cylinder glass candle jar for her project, and the diffuser bottle just the comment round shape glass bottle. She want to start some custom design candle jar & diffuser bottle for her project. So she contact us to see if we can help her in her project.
We are working in the fragrance candle jars & diffuser bottle field for many years, and we work with many candle brands like Nest Fragrance etc. for their custom items . So we just tell her about these information. And we mention that we can make the custom project for her, and ask her to send us her design for the candle jars and diffuser bottle. Then we can move to next step to make the samples accordingly the drawing for checking first. But sally told me that she just have some idea about what glass candle jar she want to make , didn’t have any design or drawing. Well, actually , this kind of custom project is not easy to follow up when the customer didn’t have a clear idea what they want for their candle jar project. And it is lucky that sally contact us , we have the professional design team can handle these custom project.
Sunny Glassware design team
We ask for some pictures from sally that what kind of design she want to make on her candle jar project, she send some of architecture pictures and told us she want to make her candle jar project like that kind of architecture style. Our design team recommend to make this style pattern as embossed pattern on the glass, and making a drawing for sally checking, and she is excited after received the drawing. And then she also want to make a match lid for this glass candle jar. But if make the the match glass lid, the lid need to make like dome style, and sally didn’t want to make the lid in dome style. After double check and discuss with our design team & production team, we finally find a solution to keep the style like what sally want, at the mean time, the technology can achieved. Then we move to make samples to see what the actual product look like. It turn out the glass candle jars very beautiful, so sally start to make this glass candle jar into mass goods production. And now we are start to making a match glass diffuser bottle for you.
I am really happy can help sally to make her custom glass candle jar & glass diffuser bottle project from an idea to the actual product. Today, I share this story just want to let you know that how to make a custom project if you just have some idea, just contact us by email: sales21@sunnyglassware.com. Of cause, you can contact us if you any other questions for candle jars projects.

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