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Sunny Glassware Released a Unbelievable Story

  • Author:Mona Zhang
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-07-26
Weeks ago,I learned a candle holders story from our founder Frank Xu which shocked me a lot and comforts me a lot that I am doing the right choice by standing fast in my current post in Sunny Glassware.
There was once an American client whom we had been in contact with for almost five years.However,he never touched by any of our offers and new products recommendation, regardless of placing any orders to us.Until one day,he said he would come to our company exclusivelyto place real and solid orders to us.We were thrilled of course to learn this but found it hard to believe that he actually did not have any other plans at all except for visiting us.In our opinoin,no business man would do one task only after taken such a long trip from USA to China. But it turned out that what he said to us is totally true! We picked him up at HK airport ,had a nice meeting with all numerous Sunny Glassware Candle Holdersitting on the table and closed real orders for sure which did not surprise us actually(Sunny Glassware has been always confident in what we are doing), but what shocked us is that he literally flied back to USA directly as what he said-- we saw him to the airport after our meeting!
We felt it quite unbelievable and very honorable of course!And we were too polite to ask for reasons at the very begining.As time went,the customer took the initiative to tell us that he had actually been tracking all possible news about Sunny Glassware and SG exporting data on the Internet for five years before they decided to work with us. The data that a growing exporting shipments to a famous US candle brand that Sunny Glassware is trusted in its profession and high quality standard in luxury candle holders. He wanted to know who were we that managed to build up such a thriving business with the candle client who was known for its highly strict quality requirments. That was why he felt it so important to fly to China to settle orders with us personally.
Sunny Glassware with Client
What can you learn from this story?
No doubts,SG quality certainly is out of question.Secondly, increasing orders from oversea customer also indicates that our SG designs are also popular enough to help clients to win their market.
This story also tell me that as long as you do what you are doing well patiently, someone like you will come to you. In a global village like today, all will get paid for what they have done, better or worse.