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Special experience with foreign customer

  • Author:Fanny Wang
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-05-21
I always have special experience with my foreign customers. It's so exciting to meet with the person who talked with you for several months, you familar with each other, but not very well. You don't know how he look like until you meet in China or the country he stays. So the moment is amazing.

I want to share my life with them, it's very different with their lives. The building, work pattern,dietary habit are all special for them.

Hot pot

Last week, I have a France customer visting China which is his first time. I treat him a meal with Hot Pot. It's so special for him, and he is not understand the way we are eating, especially fish, because they are not good at pick out fishbone. So I teach him all process and explain the different. We had a wonderful time with each other, and learn much.

Let's share and learn more experience with each other, we warmly welcome every client visiting Sunny Glassware!