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Your position:Home > News > Company News > So delicious the dumplings are.....

So delicious the dumplings are!

  • Author:lydia
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-12-21
Today is the winter solstice, it's know to us, the second day that day and night are equal, after today, the day time will be longer and longer than night.

For Chinese people, it's a important festival, especially the southern people, they're sensation of chill than northern people. We'll eat dumplings to drive the cold, theyn it becomes the convention and inherit till now.

Today, we Sunny Glassware also eating the dumplings together, it's delicious and the kinds of tastes.
Thanks for our boss Mr. Xu and Ms Yang, though we're working, still feel the special warm from company.

Happy winter solstice, hope everyone healthy and happiness! Remember to eat dumplings!

Here look at the fact face of everyone in Sunny Glassware~~~

So delicious the dumplings are!