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Simple candle jar display highlights the soul of the home

  • Author:Shira
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-09-05

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's definition of home, the quality of life is constantly changing and improving; people gradually have their own bold ideas for interior design, home decoration. In recent years, simple style, European-style design style houses are particularly popular for everyone, and more attention is paid to the details; on the display, these style houses will choose simple candle jar, whenever the candles are lit, The warm atmosphere will condense and highlight the soul of the home. Then, the question is coming again, what kind of candle jar is set up, what kind of scenes and styles are suitable for the house, do you know? Let me give you a brief introduction now.

First, the glass candle jar is good choice. The crystal clear glass makes the glass candle jar display the leader in the candlestick. Combining the shapes of three-dimensional geometric patterns such as circles, squares and triangles, the exquisite curves and the sharp edges and corners make the modern candle jar full of the beauty of candlelight.

Second, tea candle holders. This type of candle jar is a transparent cup, filled with candles, and reflected through the transparent glass to reflect the reflection of the candle. It is very nice and charming. It is very suitable for the minimalist style of home decoration, echoing the soul of the home. Reflected in the best. This candle jar display abroad is very popular with everyone.

Third, wrought iron candle jar display, this decoration has a long history, with a unique romantic retro atmosphere. The creative shape of the iron candle jar and the candle are harmoniously matched, which is the ideal choice for those who pursue individuality. Iron candlesticks are very easy to decorate in the retro wave of home decoration. In the mood, different styles of candle jar bring different atmospheres and moods. The wrought iron candle jar is very suitable for European retro style. Whether it is indoor or garden, it is very tonality. It is chic and elegant. The surface is old and worn. If it is placed outdoors for a long time, it will taste more rust. Classic and practical, romantic and literary. The branches are lively and vivid, and the birds stand tall and stand alive. Bring a retro atmosphere.

Fourth, the high candle jar display, this candle jar display should be very familiar to everyone, usually used less in life, but if you often watch European and American drama, you can often find this candle jar display will appear in various parties, activities, The high-end western dining table stands tall and stands out, highlighting the fusion of lines and faces. This candle jar display is a good choice whether it is in simple or European style decoration.

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