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ShenZhen Wutong Mountain

  • Author:Yvonne
  • Source:Sunny glassware
  • Release on:2016-02-29
Wutong Mountain is rare in the urban areas adjacent to the coastal mountains and natural vegetation as the main landscape of Wutong Mountain City Wutong Mountain Country natural scenic area, landscape to the "thin", "show", "quiet", "desert" is a remarkable feature, which "smoke Indus" is Shenzhen municipal government named one of the new Eight Sights in Shenzhen. The scenic area belongs to the Wutong Mountain peak elevation of 943.7 meters, in order to Shenzhen in the first peak, majestic mountains and the vagaries of clouds and softness, and Han Guang of the Dapeng Bay Amami Terurie; mountain streams Yousui, lush vegetation, is in the Pearl River Delta region rare animals and plant protection and resource database of. According to the survey: Wutong Mountain distribution of natural vegetation with vascular plants 233 families 764 genera 1376 kinds, including Alsophila spinulosa, argotaenia, Artocarpus wood, Aquilaria sinensis, wood stick, such as rare and endangered species; wild animal resources are very rich, there are 24 orders, 64 families, 196. There are national key protected wild animal snake, kite, red bellied eagle, Coucal, pangolin, civet etc. 

Wutong Mountain is the birthplace of the Shenzhen River, Wutong Mountain high mountains, dense forests, the spring peak import Tianchi, pool unfathomable, million years vegetation in the essence of the plot, medicinal value and special. Tianchi water down the valley and the formation of a spectacular waterfalls, rain pouring hundreds of meters, shengruhongzhong, sparking Melaleuca waves, shed million beam fog flower, beautiful and unusual. Tianchi water into the Longtan bottom of a small hole, inside the precious gold tail salamander and turtle. 

Longtan water Wutong Mountain Wutong Mountain to the dragon mountain valley together eight canal water into the Shenzhen River, said: "here is Mr. Feng Shui Kowloon drama Feng shui. Wutong Mountain has a sword testing stone and Mo Jianshi, Suzhou Huqiu big sword testing stone more than 20 times. The next piece of Valentine's tree, by nine trees furuto money into a chair under the tree fairy. Waterfalls, rocks, trees, bamboo, wonders, scenic spot is as the acme of perfection. Wutong Mountain from the southwest to the northeast to rise gradually. In the main line of the mountain, the distribution of the three main peaks (altitude were 692 meters /706 meters /944 meters). This Yuanwang, sickles, overlooking downtown Shenzhen, with Hong Kong in the south in the Great Smoky Mountains (958 meters above sea level) confrontation, to the southeast overlooking, of the vastness of the Mirs Bay Sea and beautiful Dapeng Peninsula panoramic view. Amentotaxus argotaenia, edible plants of medicinal bryophytes distribution after investigation, Wutong Mountain Scenic Area with all kinds of wild plants 240 families, 1419, of which 42 families and 86 species of fern plants of 30 families, 109 species of gymnosperms 5 families, 9 species of angiosperms and 163 families 1219 kinds. According to the use of plant resources classification, Wutong Mountain Scenic Area with all kinds of plant resources in 968. The 359 kinds of oil plants of 150 species of nectariferous plants 114 species, wood plant 42 species, there are a lot of garden greening plant resources, there is a national level key protection of Alsophila spinulosa, secondary protection of Korean tea, big bud white tea, wild tea, three levels of protection, Artocarpus, stick wood, and other rare and endangered plants.

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ShenZhen Wutong Mountain
ShenZhen Wutong Mountain
ShenZhen Wutong Mountain
ShenZhen Wutong Mountain