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Prayer Pavilion---Visiting Splendid China

Last Saturday our company (Shenzhen Sunny Glassware Co.,Ltd.) organized a tour to Splendid China. This is the world's largest modern Chinese culture theme park,with various nationalities characteristics.Splendid China miniature scenic spot is a green world,flowers' world,beautiful world, a China's culture and tourism window to the world. Today i'd like to especially introduce one scenic spot,the Prayer Pavilion.
The Prayer Pavilion was hung by many red blessing cards,in China, red color represents happiness and Luck.Each card is wrote by blessing words and names on two sides by the prayer's own hands, it contains sincere wishes. This kind of pray style origins from Buddhism, it express people's yearning for a better life. Even though just several words, which still includes full of love for the world and life. Closing eyes, with the wind blowing, those prayer cards hit together,making tinkling sounds,like a sweet music,which is conveying the best wishes of the prayer to the sky, just like the God is hearing their wishes...
Let's pray for the world, our own country, our family and ourselves, wish everything better and better.

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