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Pay tribute to friendship

  • Author:lydia
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2017-07-04
Friendship is the forever topic from ancient, also it's a Spiritual pillar for us.

Today, I met a thing that I won't forget forever. Morning, when I prepare to go to work, then I come out from my room and close the door randomly, however, when I turn round I found that I haven't got my keys in my bag, at this moment, I felt corrupted. And I asked the landlord for help, he was still slepping and woldn't come until noon, I was so disappointed and felt helpless. 
So I decided to called the expert person who can open the door, and told this to my best friend Erica, she was scared and worried about my safety and required to come to with me though she is a little far away from me. I was so moved by her emotions of worries.
At last, I asked her to keep calling with me and the expert open my door successfully....

From this experience, I'll treasure the friendship between Erica and me, and always stand with her forever.

I love a song ( one like summer, one like autumn), it's really a very nice song to express the friendship.

Pay tribute to the great friendship!

Pay tribute to friendship