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One crazy double wall drinking glass this year

  • Author:Michelle
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-06-06
I think about one hot sale double wall drinking glass recently which designed by Starbucks.

The shape inside is really cute which looks like cat`s foot,they call “Cat Paw Cup”.It`s limit-edition glass tumbler.The cups officially went on sale Tuesday for 199 yuan (around $30) each and quickly sold out, leading to some customers to fight for their chance to purchase one of the remaining cups in stores, CNN reports.
double wall drinking glass
The double wall drinking glass is far from the first limited-edition cup sold by the coffee chain. Starbucks often sells limited-edition market-specific cups. For instance, around the holidays it has previously sold a limited-edition red tumbler in U.S. stores. Those cups often find their way to the secondary market.After the in-store fights started to break out, Starbucks announced it would also sell the cups on its e-commerce store. One thousand of the cups were supposed to be available online each afternoon from Thursday through Sunday. After the first batch of 1,000 cups sold out online in a tenth of a second, Starbucks changed course and opted to sell the remaining 3,000 cups all at once on Friday. Those cups sold out in less than a second as well.
I never seen this situation before,people are so crazy about this double wall drinking glass. That's Starbucks!
I go trough Sunny Glassware product catalogue and find that we have a similar such double wall drinking glass like that, and it was a favorite of UK customers. Our double wall drinking glass has exported to global markets and won a high evaluation in glassware in glassware industry.
double wall drinking glass
With our strong support, customers rapidly develop and from small workshop to industry leaders, we hope Sunny's product will help more and more customers to be a great brand in the industry.

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