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My mother’s Secret 5oz Glass Diffuser Bottle

  • Author:Joanna
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-07-05
When I was a child, I always saw my mother cleaning her sky blue wooden box carefully, so I thought there must be lots of money in it, one day, when she left home, I went to her room and opened the box, to my big surprise there’s no money, only an empty 5oz glass diffuser bottle!
glass diffuser bottles

Why my mother love this empty 5oz glass diffuser bottle so much? Where the 5oz glass diffuser bottle comes from? Why the 5oz glass diffuser bottle is empty?...... Thousands of questions are filled with my mind at the moment.
In the evening, my mother came back home. “Mum! Why you take this 5oz glass diffuser bottle as your baby and look at it everyday?” I rushed at my mother with the 5oz glass diffuser bottle in my hand. “Why it is here?”My mother seems quite surprised to see the 5oz glass diffuser bottle. “Sorry Mum, I took it from your blue box, because Im so curious about what is in it.” I thought my mother will be angry and blame me since I took out the 5oz glass diffuser bottle without her permission.

To my surprise, she smiled and told me a story. “The 5oz glass diffuser bottle was the first gift I got from my mother when I was eight years old. At that time, more and more perfumes are flooding into the Chinese market, people love these perfumes crazily because of the good smell, especially girls and women. I believe my mother also love them a lot, so did I. One day, my mother came back home from another city which she worked in, because it’s my birthday that day. We don’t have too much money at that time, so didn’t prepare any unique things for the birthday, I was a little disappointed. During the dinner, my grandma took out a box, it’s a blue wooden box, the one you saw today, hold the 5oz glass diffuser bottle. “My dear, this is for you!”I wept with joy because this is the first time I got a birthday gift! I opened the box trembling, to all my surprise, there’s nothing except an empty 5oz glass diffuser bottle! “What’s this?”I asked. “Sorry my darling, I have no money to buy the famous perfumes for you now, so I bought an empty 5oz glass diffuser bottle for you from one of my friend.” My grandma said, lowering her head. After a short, I hugged her and said,“Thank you so much, Mum! For me, it’s not only a 5oz glass diffuser bottle, even though there’s no perfume in it, but this bottle is full of love, I thought it’s the most priceless gift.”
My mother took a sip of water and continued, “when I was growing up, I also love perfumes a lot, but I cannot afford a 5oz glass diffuser when I was a student. On a hot day in summer I remember, our school will hold a dance party, we’re so excited because we can wear the beautiful dress and use the perfume, every girl wants herself to be the most special one on that day, so did I, when I arrived at home, I talked to my mother and told her I want a 5oz glass diffuser bottle perfume, she didn’t say anything but walked away. After a while she backed to the desk with a blue box in her hand. “For you, my beauty lady.” When I opened the box, Im as surprised as you are today, only an empty 5oz glass diffuser bottle there. I cried, “ Why you give me an empty bottle? I want a bottle of perfume!”My mother sat down and said to me slowly, “I know you want a bottle of perfume very much, but at the moment we have no money to buy, this 5oz glass diffuser bottle is a present for my birthday from your grandma.” Then she told me the story of the bottle above.

At the end I also smiled through tears, because I understood a truth, as long as your heart is full of love, everything will become very precious, and it is worth to cherish!
Now my mother has handed over the 5oz glass diffuser bottle to me, I will wipe it every day, and I will pass on this bottle to my child, because it is not only an empty bottle, but represents the love between us!This is my mother’s Secret 5oz Glass Diffuser Bottle,do you like it?

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