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Meaning of red eggs

  • Author:Yvonne
  • Source:Sunny glassware
  • Release on:2016-03-29
According to legend, a long time ago, a couple had to wind, rain go up early, touch the black grain. Last spring, a year after year, the couple found over forty, also did not have half a child. Her husband was a little helper, hearts bored, not happy all day.

One day, a hen in the home, "slightly big one one slightly big" call to beg for food to eat. Husband and wife jokingly said: "I see you as the old hen, I put it back to my food, egg."

The wife listened Biezhao a belly grievances, depressed. Since then, his wife would have no appetite, a product of a day day, fell into a soon completely bedridden.

Then, the husband of one body, inside and outside, busy incessantly of complain of suffering, even to shut up the chicken feeding forgot, for too many days in a row, chicken hungry straight yell, do not lay eggs.

One day, the husband work home, chicken and "my big one one big Luo" is called a non-stop. The husband angrily let go of the old hen, and took it out of the house. The old hen like understand tuannya, their wings, "attack" fan fan, went to the mountain in search of food to the garden. To sum, it went back home, into the nest.

In the evening, her husband called home, the old hen jumped out from the henhouse, "my big big Luo" to call the owner. Husband toward the chicken coop, see the nest a double yellow eggs, he hastened to put eggs towards the pot play, and put two spoonfuls of sugar, cooked to his wife to eat. His wife a few days not into the rice grain, appetite, Dakoutaikou eating, sleep comfortably. Second days is strange, her illness is good, people of spirit, but also to help her husband to cut firewood for cooking.

Even more surprising is that since his wife ate eggs have gone, her husband was dreaming to sing folk songs. After this, the old hen laid the egg, all to his wife to eat. A full pregnancy in October, his wife gave birth to a white fat son.

The middle age, a pile. To congratulate the son of the Hi, the couple invited a group of poor brothers together, to drink wine to come.
Owner eating half drunk drunk not, say eat eggs and joy, poor brothers listen to the dubious, in succession to him, please take the egg, bring back to to his daughter-in-law, wife to eat, also hope can give birth to a big fat son.

Husband while more, according to the distribution of an egg. Paint the eggs with red for the sake of luck. So the children send red egg customs, have passed down from generation to generation

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Red eggs
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