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Magic world!

The earth we are living now is a colorful world, with blue sea,green trees, various colors of flowers, buildings, cars...even the skin colors are different. And it also is a magic world. We are living here, and continuously know this earth from the origin of human beings, but still there are too much unknown about this beautiful planet and ourselves. Always we think we're the only one planet with life in the universe.
However, when the news from NASA was released out that the planet named kepler which is 1400 light years away from our earth, is discovered that it may have life and similar as our earth, the whole world are shocked and exciting. This big discovery created quite a stir in the world, which makes us to know more about the big universe, and know that we are not alone in the universe.
We human beings seems so little, but the wisdom and power is so large. As time goes on, it believes more and more mysteries about our earth and the universe will be discovered one by one.

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The above article is from http://sunnyglassware.tumblr.com/post/126654213713/magic-world.