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Let`s introduce some kinds of coffee for you 2

  • Author:Michelle Lai
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-08-30
6, Missy.This coffee is actually by half coffee and half milk coffee of milk, also can be called the ray of coffee.

7, Campbell blue.In the Italian espresso, add cream, into a glass of Campbell blue.Floating in the deep whiten the milk Italian coffee, just like a white lotus.Because coffee cup outside only add cream, so sometimes referred to as "single head carriage".

8, French cafe au lait.Add milk coffee, tastes more easy to lubrication, outside the full-bodied coffee, milk and a faint fragrance.Authentic French milk, milk and coffee in the coffee than case is 1:1, so advanced brewing French milk coffee in the cafe are respectively by the waiter both hands holding the milk jug and coffee pot, coffee cup at the same time.

9,Irish coffee.Ireland will they love of whiskey into the coffee.Whisky heavy and light sweet taste, unique and strong coffee, sweet and sour taste lining more fragrant, warm, send out a mature sense of melancholy, is particularly suitable for drinking in the cold rainy weather.

10 Coffee and green tea.Add a little green tea powder in the coffee, make it become a thing of health drink.Green tea is a pure Oriental coffee and green tea bitter mouth unique scent feeling, and the fragrance of coffee strong and slightly sweet taste in the mouth.

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