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Leopard print candle holders link to nature

  • Author:Serena
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-07-20
The leopard print candle holders, the inspiration is come from leopard in the forest. The leopardess is very hardworking. They not only need to hunt for foods but also bring up their child. So do the modern women. And because of its nature, bold, fashion feature element, the leopard print has been widely used, such as Versace、Cavalli、Marc Jacobsbut brands. We produce this leopard print candle holders to appreciate what women is doing for the society, their beauty and wisdom, also try to appeal to nature protection.
leopard print candle holders link to nature
The leopard print candle holders are made by the special technique. Technicist grab the particular ingredient and thrown them into the furnace to merge with the glass, then they mouth-blowing, and leopard print glass candle holders are shaped. Each piece is unique because they are different more or less. The appearance and quality of leopard print candle holders depend on the skill level of each technicist. And we also offer them in lower Min Order Quantity to support the company which just starts the candle business but aim to offer luxury leopard print candle holders. And we could make it with different colors to meet your demands.

As you may know, in glass industry in China, you may get different prices for the same product. For example, when you inquiry for this leopard print candle holders, you may get many different prices. Some of the companies would quote very low samples cost and unit price to get your sample order at first. But you may not know, for this leopard print candle holders, after you think the sample look good and price is cheap and you place the bulk order to them, their bulk quality is not satisfactory. They do not know your quality standard clearly, where you would sell them, your market, or some of them even cheat you just to get the order. We would not do that! We would not quote after we understand your quality standard. Our aim is not to offer cheap price, but to offer cost-effective but quality ensured products. Thanks to our ambition, our clients such as Nest, Candle Lite, DPM, 80.3% of US luxury brands work with us for more than 9 years.

For this leopard print candle holders, we have sold it since 2013 and new shapes, decoration come out continuously. See below images, we have cylinder shape, votive shape, of course it could be round leopard print candle holders too if you want it. And we even try to attach the leather with leopard print.
leopard print candle holders

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