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How to tell whether a glass candle holder is high temperature resistant?

Demi Sunny glassware 2024-05-14 12:20:21

Glass candle holders are something we often come into contact with and use in our daily lives. From home decorations such as glass candle holder to living materials such as glasses, glass has made huge contributions to the development of world civilization.

So how to tell whether a glass candle holder is high temperature resistant and how many degrees it can withstand? Today, Sunny Glassware will take you to learn more about:

Glass candle holders are divided into two types of materials: high temperature resistant and non-high temperature resistant. Ordinary glass candle holder are not resistant to high temperatures and can generally withstand "-5 to 70 degrees Celsius", but glass cups made of high borosilicate materials can reach temperatures of 400 to 500 degrees Celsius and can withstand instantaneous temperature differences of "-30 to 160 degrees Celsius" . The surface of heat-resistant glass is not hot when filled with hot water, while the surface of non-heat-resistant glass is hot when filled with hot water.

Ordinary glass candle holder are poor conductors of heat. When a part of the inner wall of the glass is suddenly heated (or cooled), the inner layer of the glass will expand significantly when heated, while the outer layer will expand less when heated, which increases the temperature difference between the various parts of the glass. ​


The main feature of high borosilicate glass is that its thermal expansion coefficient is very low, about one-third that of ordinary glass, which means that it is not sensitive to temperature and does not have the common thermal expansion and cold contraction of ordinary objects, so it has high temperature resistance and High thermal stability. It can be used to make candle containers for candles.


Do not use tempered glass as high temperature resistant. The temperature used for tempered glass and ordinary glass candle holder is the same, generally below 70 degrees, so you need to use it with caution. If it is heat-resistant glass, there will usually be a corresponding label on the glass indicating the use temperature and range of use.


The melting point of inorganic glass is very high, between 800 degrees and 1400 degrees. The highest temperature reached by ordinary home heating products cannot melt the glass, or even soften the glass. So please feel free to use it. But be careful, glass can easily break if heated unevenly. For example, if a thick piece of glass is suddenly filled with hot water in a cold environment, the glass will crack. ​


This is due to the stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction. Theoretically, the thinner the glass, the less likely it is to break in the event of uneven heating and cooling.


How to tell whether a glass candle holder is high temperature resistant?