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How to serve customers who just start a candle Jar business

  • Author:Yvonne
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2019-07-31
How to serve customers who just start a candle Jar business

1) Guiding the customers with a keen sense of the industry and market expertise
This is Yvonne Tang from Sunny Glassware. On April 19, 2019, I received an inquiry from David, a US customer. He said that he was starting a candle business and wanted to develop some customized glass candle jars and ceramic candle jar.
At this time, I quickly recommended some of the popular&hot sale products, such as 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz candle jar, etc, but various beautiful and popular surface finishes. And I know these candle jars are popular on the market.
David was very excited to see the catalogs I recommended and said I am interested in developing 6oz~8oz size, a total of 6 colors. Meanwhile, David said the budget is limited since just starting a business, just want to 50 ~ 100/color.
Because of the craft problem, the minimum order quantity of ceramics is 1000/color, it is regret that we can't meet David's requirement. But it is glad that the glass candle jar can do because we produce them frequently and with some stock, which could meet any smaller order qty request. And any customized color/decoration is available.So quickly explained these to David and submit the price of glass candle jar to him together.

2) Be Patience and regular follow-up
David did not reply to me in May. I sent emails to follow up on his feedback and did not get a reply. However, I thought maybe he still was thinking about colors or other details, so there is no hurry to follow, but I will recommend new colors or products to David regularly if my company has a new surface effect launched out. I hope that our design can give an ideas to him on product development.After a month, David replied that the price of 50~100 is not competitive and he understands that this is because of labor fee, local fees, and shipping costs.So they want to increase to 1000 to 1500/color, to meet a total of 10,000pcs. Then we quickly summit the price to David and he was satisfied with the price.

3) Help customers solve problems
A) David selected a unique design but wanted to make it in 8oz. This is no problem: any customized design is acceptable for us and we get the ideas becoming creative fragrance products and sell them very well in the market.
B) Regarding logistics, David does not very know about logistics. But I also tell him that pls do worry, our boss Frank's wife has a professional logistics company which helps many of our customers handle shipments, so we can handle shipment to him together.

4) Always professional, quickly respond to customer needs
After a week of detailed discussion, David finally decided to proceed samples of 8oz glasses and ceramic candle jar with black, white, red, gold, silver, rose gold.We finish all the samples to him within 15 days.As a result, David was very satisfied with the sample received. Happy Ending, the order was confirmed 5 days after David receive the sample.

PS: If you have any inquiry, no matter glass candle jar, ceramic, cement, metal, etc. Welcome contact me (Yvonne: sales8@sunnyglassware.com) and I am of service at any time.I will try my best to satisfy you well as per your request.

How to serve customers who just start a candle Jar business

How to serve customers who just start a candle Jar business