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Your position:Home > News > Company News > How to desiccant in rainy days

How to desiccant in rainy days

  • Author:Lora Liu
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-01-29
The wether is anoying lately, continue wet day, the floor and wall are damp.
Here is a tip to desiccant fastly.
The operation method is very simple! First of all, we heat the water, it  is not hot temperature,the water temperature is about 40 degrees will be fine.
Then, we add a spoonful of salt into water, until the salt dissolved, can begin to mop the floor.
The mop with hot brine soaked, as far as possible to wring mop ,clean the floor.
Why hot water have such a magical effect? This is because the liquid volatile speed and temperature, the temperature is high, volatile faster, with warm water mopping floor natural dry faster. And salt in the magnesium chloride and calcium chloride is very absorbent, they dry on the floor after the small particles, can keep the ground extend time to dry.How is it ?Magic?!

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