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Your position:Home > News > Industry News > How to choose a drinking cup?

How to choose a drinking cup?

  • Author:Grace Li
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2015-02-14
Water container is an essential part of People's Daily life daily necessities, base on the material and appearance, glass water cup is safe non-toxic, connect fully, and smooth, so it is more popular than ceramic ware and plastic utensils. However, how to choose a good quality drinking cup? Shenzhen Sunny Glassware Co.,Ltd share some approach here. Keep it in your favourites if need.

1. To check whether the edge on top rim is smooth. Due to the mouth will touch the glass cup directly, if the glass mouth grinding technology is not good,it is easy to cut lips.

2. To Check whether the glass body is pure and transparent. If there are any impurities and bubble the glass can appear very rough, it will affect the aesthetic glass.

3. To observe the thickness of the glass, the glass will be thick or thin, in terms of material and quality as far as possible choose thick glasses. To a certain extent, it can not only to  heat insulation, but also can  anti-throw wear-resisting.

4. To check whether there is a crack inside and outside the glass layer. Crackled glass prone to cracking after injection of hot water, this may burn yourself, so be very careful in choosing a glass of observation cup body if there is a rift.

5. To see the material, there are various kinds of material for the glass on the market, but generally preferred high-end, delicate glass material is borosilicate glass,
because it has heat resistance, cold resistance and wear resistance, resistance characteristics. It won't be broken under the severe temperature changes condition. So
you must pay attention to the material of glass before buying.

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