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How much do you know about wine glasses?

  • Author:Shira
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on :2019-08-19
  In the past ten years or so, foreign wine culture has gradually entered our lives, especially wine culture; drinking wine and collecting wine glasses have become a status symbol; in addition to drinking wine It can also be favored by many women. Then the problem is coming again. How to hold the wine glass correctly, which is estimated that many people will start to be confused. It is found that the grip of the wine glass has lots of methods. Now let me spread the little knowledge to you.

  First, place the handle of the glass between the thumb and the first two fingers, then pinch the stem of the glass between the thumb, index finger and middle finger. When you place your fingers, place them in the lower half of the wine glass rod. Your middle finger should be placed on the rod above the base of the wine glass. Only these three fingers will be in direct contact with the glass rod. The two remaining. The root finger should be placed naturally on the base of the wine glass. This is a common standard way of holding a wine glass. Holding the wine glass in this way provides sufficient stability while keeping your hands away from the top of the wine glass pole.

  Second, pinch the stem of the wine with your thumb and forefinger. Wrap the index finger around one side of the stem of the wine glass and support the other side of the stem with the tip of the thumb. Place your hand on the lower half of the wine glass rod, and then the remaining three fingers should be rolled into your palm in the form of a loose fist. In general, these fingers will not touch the bottom of the glass, but they will be easily touched if they are brushed over the bottom of the glass.

  Third, grab the hand directly above the base of the wine glass. Use only the thumb and forefinger to pinch the glass column just above the base. Even if the two fingers pinch the glass rod, they will brush to the top of the base. Use the middle finger to stretch the glass down from the bottom and down the base. Let the rest of the fingers rest naturally, they may press your palm or follow your middle finger.

  Ok, do you learn all the previous methods? There should be many small partners who are already eager to try. Before learning, it is better to first select a few high-quality, uniquely designed wine glasses, which can highlight the momentum of drinking. Sunny Glassware company have more than 20 years glass-making experience, and its QC has at least 6 inspection procedures than its peers, and has not had quality complaints for 9 consecutive years. Everything is customer-centric; if interested, welcome to our office; we are waiting for you all the time! !

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