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How Sunny Glassware help small customers growing up

  • Author:Joanna
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2020-08-01
With Sunny Glassware strong support, customers rapidly develop and from small workshop to industry leaders.

hen I first received the email from Josiah , it was about three months ago, he was looking for a white glass candle jar need to match with the wooden lid, because I happened to have some candle jars in different sizes pursuant to his requirements, so I sent him a list of detailed size and told him that each product can hold how much wax so that he can choose the suitable ones for his product line, once received the listing of these glass candles he loved all of them and hope I can send a sample to him, together with the lid made by different materials, within three days I arranged the samples, and there are also some wooden, metal, glass, ceramic and plastic covers.
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Finally he chose to take the silicone ring primary pine lid and sprayed white glass candle holders, I'm so happy to prepare order for him to confirm details, he told me that the candle business is he only developed new areas recently, because his team not so familiar with the market for now , and worrying about the problem such as sales, he cannot purchase 2000pcs at one time, so he asked if I could start to promote order 300 as sales samples, I was really a little embarrassed when I just heard the news, because the minimum quantity of an order for the regular glass candlestick is usually 2000pcs, spray color is 1000pcs each, so I have to recommend a very similar item which we have the inventory of the glass jar, he confirmed that can accept the existed glass vessel, but spray processing also can not meet the minimum quantity, as the customer keenly want to start the candles of his career, taking the "as long as the customer need us, we will do our best to help them" as our theme, after our team’s discussed, finally we decided to open a manual spray color processing line, dedicated to help the guest on 300pcs white candle cup spraying, and we have our own specialized logistics department, giving the customers a very professional rapid transport routes, is expected at the end of the customers can get the goods quickly.
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I got a message from Josiah, saying that he was very grateful to our team since we paid so much attention to every customers. Looking forward to the early arrival of the goods, we also believe that every customers who engaged in candles industry sincerely, with we Sunny Glassware supporting, will grow up soon, because we live with our customers together!

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