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How A Qualified Glass Should Be

  • Author:Kate
  • Source:Sunnyglassware
  • Release on:2016-09-13

Every day, we drink water with using glasses, like cups, glasses, but a glass of good or bad, is to protect our health.  So everyone in the selection of the glass, should be careful. Therefore I would like to share with you how a qualified glass should be.

Firstly, material: glass material to pure and impure, glass ware will have lines, bubble or sand.

Secondly, "Lines" which it refers to the vitreous body surface. Stripes appear coarse grain touch feel, such as machine pressed cup's lines, its fine lines can hardly be seen.

Thirdly, "Bubble", it refers to the formation of a small hole in the body due to air inclusions in the glass, according to the formation of the reasons can be divided into two kinds of foam and operation of the bubble.

In short, we should pay more atttetion to our health, especially when we choose the dringking glasses, for that's the closet way to expose to the bacteria.   And now, I will advise you with several high qualified glasses for you.  ( Wish you a happy day!)

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