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Happiness from small things

  • Author:Lydia Lee
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2015-12-29
In our life journey, we'll always meet many things, they're big or small, bring you happy or sad.
Whatever the result is, you'll find all of the things happened, you still got something others didn't.

For example, in Sunny Glassware, people except sharing their happy, experience, feeling, foods etc. Maybe all of the things you can see, but there are still many things you need use heart to feel. Like family members will water the plants after others go home, and one day you'll remember you haven't water your nearly plants for a long time, but they still alive.

Today, we got the notebook, in others eyes, it's just a notebook, however, it fullfilled the best wishes from others, because our manager wrote down their wishes to us for the coming new year. So when you hold the special notebook, what thoughts will come out?
In my deeply heart, except surprised, but more moved, thanks for them kindness, also our big Sunny family.
Happiness from small things