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Guess the movies on showing

  • Author:Serena
  • Release on:2015-12-19

Sunny Glassware is a company which values its culture,especially staff meeting very much.
We dance and sing. We make a vow.We play games.Today we play the guessing.

We are devided into 3 teams.
One member of each team stood out. He/She can look at the name of movie. Others need to guess the answer of riddle. They can ask the very one member questions, such as how many words of the name; is it domestic or overseas;does the gaint star play roles in the movie,etc. Everyone was trying to guess the riddle. They are somewhat hard to guess.

Finally,the third team won the first place.

It seems that most of us could really pay more attention to the movie at spare time. Movies really richer our lives.

Good good study, day day up!