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Good start

  • Author:lydia
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2017-02-07
It's a very happy thing to get a good start, not only for our works but also for our life.

We've just spend the New Year Holiday, many people are still absorbed in the happy family reunion atmosphere. But as saying: there is no ending feast, of course, every bid farewell is for the next better get together.

For the new year begining, we'll have a good start. Yesterday is the first work day for me, it was so surprised that I got a red pocket from our boss Ms Yang. It's a good start for me of my work and life,
hope everything will be fine and booming in the coming days and years.

It's also a good start for our Sunny Glassware, hope our Sunny will be better and better, all the big families of Sunny will have a nice and bright future!

Happy New Year!

Good start