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Glass teapot full of beauty, a new market queen

  • Author:kate
  • Source:sunnyglassware
  • Release on:2016-11-03
Beautiful glassware makes feeling more good.  Not only will a good teapot tea flavor,
 tea is more will make the whole process into a vision of beauty to enjoy.   

Our company's market researchers recently found in many shopping malls
and supermarkets, clear glass tea pot, glass special consumers, the wise men,
reason, turned out to be the new tea bubble tea in the pot is not only convenient,
 but also more beautiful.   

Material: pure glass into new Favorites. Glass teapot particularly popular among
 young people, particularly office workers, who sees the glass tea pot is easy to use,
 and fashion taste.  According to reports, these new teapot is made of special
glass materials, good heat tolerance, good stability, high transparency, tea can vividly
see tea process of stretch from the outside, the tea becomes more beautiful.  
In addition, some glass tea pot can be placed directly in the microwave oven or
the induction
cooker to heat, this is place-conventional glass teapot. Inner: glass teapot tea and
water separation, in General, have designed Cup-shaped, designed to urn-shaped.       

New teapots are designed with liner, liner-porcelain, glass, either way, pay attention
to beauty in design. If you like beautiful things, then let me know!

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Pyrex Borosilicate Glass Tea Pots With Infuser