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Glass Bottle Leading Postion in Packaging Field

  • Author:Fanny Wang
  • Source:Website
  • Release on:2014-12-22

With the development of the Times, science and technology, glass production factory in China have sprung up to pull out of it.Similar in size capacity and glass bottles, PET bottles but lighter than the glass bottle, the luster is better, and the repeated use of the available bottle cap;PE barrel average amount is larger, especially suitable for the occasion of consumption faster, repeat sealing is also very good.

Glass bottle packaging, still dominant, it is worth mentioning is glass bottle single crown cover sealing form before has changed.

No matter how times change, people use of glass bottles is emotion.Such as small volume of liquid condiments such as mustard oil, chili oil and some high-grade raw soy sauce and so on, still give priority to with glass bottle packaging, but has fully used the plastic bottle cap, the market does not have the ideal alternative packaging.

Before the advent of no new green packaging materials, glass bottles in the packaging field still occupy the leading position.

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