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Games of Eating Chips BY YOUR FACE!

  • Author:Serena
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release on:2016-07-18
It is too hot in Shenzhen in Summer.
Do you become anxious?
Just let us relaxed.

Sunny Glassware pay much attention to enterprise culture.
We have staff meeting on everyday morning.
Sometimes we would share some news or meaningful experience, sometimes we would play games.

Eating chips by your face.
Yes, by your face.
How could you do?

See, this is Michael, our colleague, who works for Sunny Worldwide Logistics.
He eats the chips very hard.
But he is also very clever, he is finally successful. 
And we were all laughing as his face expression became very funny as he tried his best to eat the chip by face.

Eating Chips by your face

We need to work hard, but we also need to relax.
Actually relaxation is helpful for us to keep going.

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